Friday, July 3, 2009

Promosi TIE RACK LONDON scarfs


Sekarang nih kami ambil order untuk scarf Tie Rack London. Measurement for the scarf will be 90 x 90. Below adalah first few batch yang kami jual and 'there is more to come'. Biznez akan bermula next week.InsyaAllah...Anyone intersted boleh email terus kepada saya & do let me know how many pieces of each pattern you are interested to buy. I will try my very best to get the item for you if there is still any left in the stall.

TRL 1: Mouldy Green

Material : Chiffon polyester

TRL 2 : Rose Pink

Material : Chiffon polyester

TRL 3:Brown Square

Material : Chiffon polyester

TRL 4: Greyish

Material : Polyester

TRL 5: Goldish/maroon/shades of pink,red & orange

Material : Polyester
TRL 6: Shade of pink/black/white

Material : Polyester

TRL 7: Black & white

Material : Polyester

Our first lucky buyer will received this box for free!

Please note that we don't sell fakes.This is an original item bought from Tie Rack London stalls in UK. All items are new.

Price at the moment will be:

1 - 3 pieces = RM56 each (inclusive postage to Malaysia)

4 - 6 pieces = RM54 each (inclusive postage to Malaysia)

7 - 10 pieces = RM50 each (inclusive postage to Malaysia)

Terms and condition

How to order:

For interested buyer, you can email me the quantity of scarf needed, and please state clearly which scarf that you are interested to buy. Please leave your home address once you have make your choice so that I can deliver the item to you. If u are interested to buy 7 or more scarf, please note that I may need you to pay the deposit.


Whoever interested to purchase the scarf can send their email to me and if you are serious to buy the scarf i will then email you my account number. You then need to confirm your payment to me.


I will send your item once your payment are confirmed. Please remember that i will not be responsible for any damage or lost items during the delivery times. And please allow 1-2 weeks until the item safely reach your home. I will send the item using Royalmail. Please let me know if you prefer your item to be deliver by any other method such as Fedex or DHL (the postage price will be depends on them). All items will be deliver direct from UK.

Anyone who are interested to order or have any question you can e mail: